Spark joy, Spark your intention, Spark a memory, or bring a friend for the ultimate friendship bracelet.

Choose from a selection of solid 14k gold, 10k gold or sterling silver chains and we’ll cut it to the perfect fit for your wrist. A delicate flash of a micro laser, which doesn’t touch your skin, creates a permanent seal securing a solid gold chain to your wrist that you never have to take off (but can with scissors if need be). Permanent weightless shimmer to be with you always.

Please note that our Spark Studio is now located at our Fairmont Pacific Rim Location.

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Selection of chains

Silken Bracelet | 10K Gold - $110

Shimmer Bracelet | 10K Gold - $125

Singapore Bracelet | 10K Gold - $125

Curb Chain Bracelet | 10K Gold - $155

Flat Drawn Cable Bracelet | 10K Gold - $165

Box Chain Bracelet | 14K Gold - $185

Bold Box Chain Bracelet | 10K Gold - $230

Cubano Chain Bracelet | 14K Gold - $315

Shimmer Bracelet | Silver - $75

Curb Chain Bracelet | Silver -$75

Box Chain Bracelet | Silver - $75

Cubano Chain Bracelet | Silver - $115

Add a Clasp - $10

Add extra detail to your Spark bracelet for an additional charge of
$15 for a sapphire or pearl.

Add a clasp to your custom fit bracelet for an additional charge of $10.

Can’t make it in? Order a Spark bracelet with a clasp
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Leah Alexandra Spark Studio | Fairmont Pacific Rim
1038 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9

Contact +1 (604) 771-5324


Will my bracelet tarnish? All bracelets are solid materials so should stay shiny and bright forever!

How do I clean my bracelet? If you feel like your bracelet needs a clean, you can use a polishing cloth for solid gold or solid silver whilst it is on your wrist.

How do I make an appointment? Visit our Spark Studio Booking page to book your appointment. While walk-ins are welcome, they are subject to availability. We highly recommend booking an appointment to ensure you can enjoy your Spark experience with plenty of time to select your favorite chain, have it custom fit, and avoid long wait times.

If you’re interested in booking a Spark Studio party of over 3 people, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

When are you coming to my city for a pop up? Follow our Instagram for updates on pop ups over the coming year!

What happens if I need to remove the bracelet? You can take the bracelet off by using pliers. If you can, cut in an area you think is the most convenient place to re-weld (e.g. if your bracelet has a jump ring). We can arrange a re-spark appointment for you. If it’s within your year warranty there will be no fee! Otherwise it will cost $15 for a re-spark if you still have the bracelet.

Can my bracelet have a clasp? Yes. The bracelet will still be custom sized to your wrist just with a clasp attached if requested – that way you have the choice to remove it when you please!

What's your Spark warranty? All of our Spark Bracelets come with a 1 Year Limited Repair Warranty. Within your 1 Month Limited Replacement Warranty, any repairs or re-sparks that are required exclusively due to fault of the chain (manufacturer defects) are complimentary. If within the first month of your Warranty your bracelet is lost due to a chain defect, we offer a one-time replacement at no cost. If your bracelet goes missing outside of the first month of your warranty, we offer a replacement bracelet with a 30% discount.

However, we are unable to offer complimentary repairs or replacement in the case that the bracelet was broken or lost through the fault of the owner. If your need for repair or replacement falls outside of your 1 Year Limited Repair Warranty or is caused through fault of the owner, we offer repairs for a small fee or you can purchase a replacement bracelet at a discounted price.

Add a clasp: $10

Repair/Re-spark: $10

Replacement: 30% off the purchase of a new Spark Bracelet

Due to the custom nature of our Spark Bracelets and Necklaces, these items are final sale.